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HousePEX PEX Tubing, PEX Pipe, Radiators, PEX Manfiolds, PEX Tools, PEX Heat Transfer Plates HousePEX PEX Tubing, PEX Pipe, Radiators, PEX Manfiolds, PEX Tools, PEX Heat Transfer Plates
HousePEX PEX Tubing
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Why Use HousePEX PEX Tubing?

HousePEX PEX-A and PEX-C Properties

HousePEX pipe has outstanding performance in pipe flexibility & pressure resistance. You can bend our PEX-A to a 4” radius and HousePEX PEX-C to a 6" raduis. Try that with any other PEX and your going to kink it. This means faster and easier installation with a superior result.

How is HousePEX PEX-A Made?

The raw material used is HDPE (High Density PE ). Due to our unique raw material blend and our peroxide process we achieve a lower degree of crystalline, this makes our pipe more flexible then our competitors. Our very special process technology also enables us to achieve a superior pressure resistance, which qualifies the pipe as a PE-X 100 Material (a PE-X 100 Material has a higher pressure resistance then the requirement for High Density PE-X ).

The practical implication of this is more comfortable and faster installation for you combined with an even higher degree of safety for the user.

PEX Attribute HousePEX PEX-A Tube Traditional PEX-A Tube
PEX Flexibility
Considerably more flexible than any other PEX tubing meeting ASTM
Somewhat better flexibility than Radiation and Silane crosslinked tubing.
Strength Withstands higher inside pressures than other PEX Tubing Meets ASTM
Homogeneity Excellent Not very good. Worse than Radiation & Silane
Thermal Memory Excellent Good. Better than Radiation & Silane.
Reparability Excellent Excellent
Kinking resistance Excellent Fair. Better than Radiation and Silane
Barrier property 25 times less than DIN 4726 Meets DIN 4726
Thermo Stability Excellent Better than ASTM requirements
Memory effect of being coiled Little. Easy to bend in any direction. Fair. Better than Radiation and Silane.
Minimum bending radius Narrower than any other PEX tubing, two inch radius Fair. Better than Radiation and Silane

General Pipe Properties

The pipes fulfill all requirements of DIN EN 12318-2 (former DIN 16892). HousePEX pipes are also approved in accordance to ASTM F876 / F877.

Material Properties

Pressure Resistance & Stress Cracking Resistance:

Pressure Resistance in accordance with ISO 9080. Performed by Bodycote Polymer (former Studsvik Polymer, which is a leading test institute, worldwide accredited)
Testing temperatures of 110 °C, 95°C and 20°C
Testing time requirements of 10,000 hours have been fulfilled
The material's resistance to Environmental Stress Cracking & Pressure testing, at 120°C

Oxygen Diffusion properties

Oxygen Diffusion in accordance with DIN 4726/4729
Requirement: Oxygen diffusion should after temp. Cycling be a maximum of 0,1gram/m^3*d at 40°C
Result: less then 0,1 gram/m^3*d

Hygienic Properites

NSTF 2002
Hygienic Properties in accordance with the Danish Approval Rules (performed by DTC and DTI) and including tests in accordance with EN 852-1, ISO 4120-1983, ISO 5495-1983.
Testing program (60´c); TOC, Taste & Smell, Turbidity, Phenol & Nitrogen migration plus a theoretical evaluation.
The pipe material has been approved under Danish regulations (the strictest in Europe)
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